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"Glistening Chikago" kennel


   to our website! We are breeder of several dog breeds - English Bulldogs and Great Danes (black/harlequin color). 

   Our Kennel was registered in FCI (International Cynological Federation) in 15.09.2010. The kennel takes its name from our first stud dog and brood bitch (Chikago and Glistening).

    We aim to breed European type dogs and choose only best species for breeding.

In your kennel you will find healthy bloodline with strong and correct body conformation and nice expressive heads. At the same time we avoid Mastiff type Danes with excessive dampness and use for breeding only dogs with good friendly temperament.

The dog we adore is - Kair Del Chikago! He captures our hearts and reflects our ideal type of Great Danes.

  We do our best to maintain high health standards. Good exercises are very important for Great Danes. That's why we pay special attention to walks since the time our puppies can go outside. Also our dogs have only premium class food and best vet service.


  We thoroughly look only for caring and loving families for our puppies and provide them with lifetime support and help.

  Thank all the owners for the love and care of a noble dog - Great Dane!!!